Rice-Stuffed Bell Pepper

Preparation Time30min
  • unit.none ingredient.bellpepper
  • unit.g ingredient.rice
  • unit.g ingredient.tomato
  • unit.g ingredient.feta
  • unit.tbsp ingredient.tomatopaste
  • unit.g ingredient.parmesan
  • unit.none ingredient.pepper
  1. 1
    Cook the rice in twice the amount of salted water. It needs about 15-20 minutes until it's done
  2. 2
    Pre-heat your oven to 180°C (350°F)
  3. 3
    While the rice is cooking, dice up your tomatos finely and transfer them into a bowl together with the tomato paste
  4. 4
    Cut the feta into really small pieces and add it to the tomatos. Season the mixture with a bit of pepper
  5. 5
    Halve the bell peppers and remove their seeds
  6. 6
    Once the rice is done, add it to the bowl and stir the stuffing well
  7. 7
    Now, stuff the peppers, grate a little bit of parmesan onto them and bake them on a baking tray for about 10 minutes
  8. 8