Chinese Noodles with Broccoli and Carrot

Preparation Time25min
  • unit.g Broccoli (fresh or frozen)
  • unit.g ingredient.carrot
  • unit.g Quick-cooking Chinese noodles
  • unit.tbsp ingredient.sesameoil
  • unit.tbsp ingredient.soysauce
  • unit.tbsp ingredient.ricevinegar
  • unit.tbsp ingredient.srirachasauce
  • unit.tbsp ingredient.agavasyrup
  • unit.none ingredient.salt
  • unit.none ingredient.pepper
  • unit.none ingredient.chiliflakes
  • unit.none ingredient.paprikapowder
  • unit.none ingredient.garlicpowder
  1. 1
    Cut the carrots into small strips and the broccoli into small florets. Heat the sesame oil in a pan and cook the carrots at high heat. If you use frozen broccoli, add it right away, otherwise wait 3-4 minutes before adding it to the carrot
  2. 2
    Season the carrots and broccoli with salt, garlic powder, chili flakes, and red pepper powder. Let the vegetables cook on high heat for abount 10 minutes
  3. 3
    Heat some salted water for the noodles
  4. 4
    Mix soj sauce, sriracha sauce, rice vinegar, agava syrup and a bit of pepper together to make a sauce
  5. 5
    Cook the noodles according to the instruction on the package. It shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes
  6. 6
    Mix everything in the pan or directly on the plate
  7. 7